We have created a Product Designer so our clients have the ability to easily create basic designs of the products they wish to create.

Below is a basic key for some of the tools found within the Product Designer.


  • If you want to remove a part of the product (eg. Pom pom), click on the part and then click on the trash can icon.
  • If your logo has a white background and you’d like it removed, Please try this free application www.removal.ai. If that doesn’t work, send the logo to us and we’ll remove the background for you.
  • If you want to change the scale of your product parts, click on the part and use the two arrows which appear around the selected part. If you don’t want to constrain the proportions, hold down SHIFT and use the two arrows. (this option isn’t available on all parts)
  • Please remember to download your image to your PC/Phone and then attach it to the form below the Product Designer.

The below images are simple example of what can be created in a couple of minutes. If you require any assistance to hesitate to email us.

Custom beanie design created using the Product Designer